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Iconic Creation

Graphic and Fanfic Community of daxcat79

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It's An Iconic Creation
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This is iconic_creation a graphic/fanfic journal created by daxcat79. Feel free to enjoy my fan fictions, icons and other graphics as long as you follow the rules. Note: There are no rules. Just kidding... there are rules.

. The Rules .. Extra .

Feel free to take any icons I post in this community, but please no hotlinking. You can credit daxcat79 or iconic_creation. I love comments if you plan on taking or saving any of my icons. Textless icons aren't bases, but if you have ideas feel free to ask for permission to do any redesigning.

I have several fandoms in which I write fan fiction for however I do not own any of the characters in my fan fiction. It's all done in good fun.

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Resources and Textures Here
Mood theme and Header made by me. Layout made by brutal.

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